Betrayed, arrested, and sentenced to death Parsons and her husband were ultimately betrayed and taken into custody. One of the first (and few) women to stand trial before a Nazi military tribunal in the Netherlands, she was found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad, a sentence that upon her own appeal was commuted to life at hard labour in a German prison.

Stamp tells the story of Canadian Second World War resistance fighter Mona Parsons.

“When I share Mona's story with people, I ask them to mention it the next time they hear those of men like Billy Bishop. Unlike them, she never wore a uniform, didn't carry a gun, and yet was willing to put her life on the line because of her belief in justice and freedom – and very nearly forfeited that life.”

  - Andria Hill-Lehr,

author of Mona Parsons:From Privilege to Prison, From Nova Scotia to Nazi Europe.